Take 167: Look Out

Big shout out to the great LD for posing for this shot!


Take 163: Getting Old

It has been too stinking long since I’ve updated my photoblog. Well, I turn 30 today, and birthday’s are a great time to set new goals. Right? Or is that New Year’s? I guess New Year’s is kinda like a birthday for a year. So, here is another blast of old photos, because I’ve been too lazy to go out and actually take anything new. But here’s to birthday resolutions…

Take 162: Road Trip

For Thanksgiving, JuJuberrie and I had an awesome vacation with good friends down to Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. On the ride down I found my new favorite way of taking pictures. It’s the method of sticking your camera out of the car window, holding down the button and hope for the best. Also, try not to drop the camera…